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Subtitles - accessibility!

First Timer

Its two or three years since the topic has been raised in this forum but thought I'd mention again. Very disappointed to find that we rented a film from Talktalk last night which had no subtitles. I'm profoundly deaf and rely on subtitles which live TV provides. Our TV and YouView box are permanently set up to show subtitles so I'm satisfied there was no technical hitch. Talktalk have agreed to refund the rental however the problem with their rented films remain. All the advosor could tell me on the 'live chat' was that most of their rented films have subtitles....not so. We checked out a further 5+ films to watch including quite recent ones such as Bridget Jones' baby but still no subtitles available...... In his frustrations with Talktalk my partner has just opened a contract this morning with Now TV and can watch a wide range of films including the one we rented last night off Talktalk, and all the other 5 we'd planned to rent and at a fraction of the cost - and all show subtitles!! (we've double-checked). I'm all for a competitive market, but I'd far rather just deal with one provider, Talktalk. Why oh why can't Talktalk provide the subtitled version of the films they rent out? This could be a deal breaker for us as I rely on subtitles and am a big supporter of Action On hearing Loss 'Subtitle it' campaign. Well Talktalk  and community - what are your views?

Community Team



Some of the movies, especially the on demand movies from Sky On Demand do not always have subtitles. This was queried by other customers recently directly with Sky themselves who more or less said that it is not always  financially viable for them to provide.


We do show subtitles with titles if they are provided to us but do not always have control over this.  I do agree there should be more movies with subtitles and our teams are always trying to improve the availability of these options but ultimately these can only be shown if provided by the respective broadcasters.





First Timer


First Timer

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First Timer

I find the white no subtitles on box office movies really hard. I am the only member of my family with hearing difficulties. We often hire movies as a family. They laugh, I dont. They know the plot, I don't. They hear the vital clue to the mystery, I don't. Pretty much all recent movies have subtitles if you buy them. I don't understand why this can't apply to talk talk too. It's quite discriminating really 😞