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Subtitles in other Languages?

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Hello everyone, 
I have maybe sylly question, or maybe not. 😉 
I'm wondering if there is any british TV station or service that gives possibility to select subtutles for the show in other languages than english?
It would be very usefull to have this option.
I can imagine lots of situations:
1. When you are or your family member is an migrant and just learning english and you dont want to subscribe to your national providers and/or you prefer british television.
2. When some people that visits you doesnt speak english.
3. When you learning other language like polish, french, spanish or german and you would like to see translation in that language.

I know that Netflix has lots of films translated, but unfortunatelly, typical brytish productions are mostly in english only.
I know that Virgin is offering bundles for foreigners, but these contains channels from foreign countries, not translated british television (that Im looking for).

Even simple translation by google engine would be very helpfull, but it must be supported by provider. 

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Hi @amikot


I would guess not as the majority of the population still speak English so it would not really be a commercial proposition for the broadcasters.


How about doing it the other way around,using one of your examples, watch a Polish Film with english subtitles.


I did google search for subtitles and there are a number of sites with SRT files available on them although I have only ever seen these on downloaded films and DVD's/Blueray so I think that with these you record the film or programme from the TV on your computer by using a Tuner card and add the SRT to the file. But live TV ???

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Fre55die is correct. Most of the UK Broadcasters will only offer subtitles where available in English as this option is usually for hard of hearing, but Fre55dies advice is good, see if there are films available in your native language with english subtitles.





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Thanks for your answers, but its not the case. 
I'm working person, after work I want just sit and watch something. Has no time to struggle with combining dvds with downloaded subtitles.
For me language doesn't matter, but sometimes its not gentle when I'm watching program and someone else can't realy understand what's going on, and thats why I asked about.
Netflix is helpfull, as their library is full of films with audio/subtitles in other languages, but sometimes it would be nice to see more typical British productions. 
I know that BBC makes programs in other languages, but these are not broadcasted in UK.
For example there is BBC Prime channel that is broadcasted in Poland (with all sort of Top Gear, Sherlock, DrWho etc.), but this channel is broadcasted with whole bundle of rubbish by Polish broadcaster in Poland.

So there is genuine audio/subtitles made by BBC of these programs, just not available in UK.

BTW. It's a public secret that contracts with Polish broadcasters are limited to Polish teritory, and everyone who's bringing his TV Box to UK doing this illegaly, and after all I just wish to be fair to UK and I prefer to pay money to British company.

After all, as I wrote, my question was only about any known channel that sometimes transmit in other languages. I'm not demanding anything, I'm just astonished that in age of technology this is still a problem, big cost or whatever. 

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Hi @amikot


I'm afraid that it's all down to demand and cost.


If you were quite happily selling a product in Grey for £10 but, under 1% of your customers would like it in Orange. To do it in Orange would add to your overall costs and you would have to increase the cost of all the products to £13 would you do it ?


Back to your original question, for it to work you would need to broadcast subtitles in at least 50 languages to keep everybody happy or there would be complaints about subtitles being available in say Serbian but, I want Russian ones Etc.Where does one draw the line?

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