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TV Boost on hold


With the current situation with the Corona Virus I contacted talktalk to ask if my Sky sports boost could be put on hold while there is no live sport. I was informed I could cancel my TV boost and restart it when the live sport starts again but that would mean me forfeiting the current half price sky sports boost deal I have now. I think it is more than reasonable to ask to have this boost placed on hold until live sport is back on our screens as currently I am paying for a service I will not use! Thoughts? 

Insightful One

@graeme_simmonds Hi please post in ur own topic on this side as i see u have posted on the in the tv side in someone else topic 


Please see the post below from oce Karl who is talktalk staff


"with Sky sports, or any TV boost, this comes with a 30 day commitment only and you can cancel at any time.


You can remove the boot via My account so you are not paying for the Sports while the majority of Sports are on hold.


You can then re-add the boost when normal service is resumed.  If you currently have an offer for the boost, this cannot be paused and you can only add the boost later in the year with any offers that apply at that time.




Karl. "

if u want a actual answer then i ask to post in ur own topic on this tv side as the staff only like it if u can help the person with there issue they do not allow or help people with in others

from what i have read tv boost can be added and removed but for a full answer please ask it should not affect u plan as in broadband side

if u have the sky sports on a offer when u joined or renewed then the offer can not offered later on from what Karl is saying

please make sure ur profile is full with all info as it will make it easier for talktalk staff to help u soon


please do not post any person info on here as is open to public 

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Insightful One

from want i know u can remove a boost as they normal on a month by month option but i do not think talktalk or other isp will do what u are asking to hold off as it is a business at the end of the day.

Please do u own topic and someone or oce staff will help where they can on this

i do know that some boost do have offers on but also there is a different way to get offer but it is mainly for renewing ur contract before then end of it with loyalty team on chat.

When does u contract end ??

Hope that help Joe R If so then give me a Kudos ( Click the Thumb up Button)
TalkTalk Content Team

Hi @graeme_simmonds,

I have passed this onto the team to pick up. Before we can look into your account please can you add your home phone number to your Community Profile so we can locate your details. Please do not post any personal info on here as it’s public.

Community Team

Hi graeme_simmonds


emails are currently being sent to customers with the option to pause the Sky Sports Boost.


Please watch out for the email, and check your spam folders to make sure it has not been received already.