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TV Guide expands to info

First Timer

When I use the TV guide, each programe I move on to expands, giving a brief description of that programe, blocking the view of the next programe. How can I disable this. It's recently happened and I don't know how.

Community Star

Hi @curlyhub


The Synopsis in Guide arrived with the latest firmware update from YouView. Just tap the right arrow next to the OK button on the TV Box remote and that'll move on to the next programme in the Guide. Youview haven't provided an option to switch off the synopsis. I didn't like it at first viewing but it does usefully provide the time of the programme and using the right arrow on the remote moves on to the next and then the next programme etc so it works well.


Synopsis in Guide

Browsing the Guide just became even easier. Now when you focus on a programme we will expand the area to show you more useful information, like the programme synopsis and the length of the programme. We'll also call out if the programme has JUST STARTED, is NOW ON or is ENDING SOON to help when you're browsing in the Guide.

Synopsis in Guide

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First Timer

Many thanks for the reply, it was easy to understand and useful. Looks like we are stuck with it so; I will have to get used to it !