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TV Plus Box Freezing on Waking up Screen

First Timer

My TV Plus Box freezes on the Waking Up Screen. I have spoken to technical support and gone through all the resets in maintenance mode except deleting recordings. My wife will be very upset if we have to lose some of the recordings!  Technical support and customer services have said they will send a new box although that was over a month ago and it has not arrived yet. I  have done the online chat with just about every department in Talktalk and everytime I am promised a new box will be sent but just a few hours later I receive an e-mail from Talktalk saying my order has been cancelled!

Can someone please help with the following:


1. Can recordings be transferred from an old box to a new box?

2. How do I get someone in Talktalk to send a new box?

Community Star

Hi @david52x


I see you've tried the Maintenance Mode resets except the full Factory Reset.


If the TV Box still freezes on the waking up screen then you've got no recordings to play so nothing lost by going for the full Factory Reset to see if the TV Box can be restored to expected working order.  


Are you a TV subscriber?  i.e. You're either still on a Plus TV Legacy contract or you're subscribing to a TV Boost like Sky Cinema or Entertainment etc.  I ask because you say the TV Box replacement order is getting cancelled. The usual reason for that is because you're no longer a TV subscriber so the TV Box is no longer maintained by TalkTalk.


Easy enough to become a TV subscriber by taking a TV Boost and you only have to commit to a month.


At present there is no ability for customers or TalkTalk engineers to transfer content from one TV Box to another. Bear in mind that the content on the hard drive may well be corrupted beyond reasonable recovery or the drive may have failed.  I believe the TV Teams have looked at the issues involved in doing content recovery but there's no system to allow that.

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Community Team

Hi david52x


Follow the advice from Gondola, if the box will not work correctly after a full factory reset then it will need replacing.


Add your home phone number to your Community Profile so I can locate your details and let me know how you get on.





First Timer

Hello - sorry I am late responding.


I have tried the factory reset including deleting recordings (much angst from my wife!) but to no avail. The box will not advance from the waking up screen.


I have now received an envelope to return the box to Talktalk. Was this at your request or did my constant calls to Talktalk finally bear fruit?


As requested I have added my home phone number to my community profile.



Community Team



A replacement TV box is on the way to you.