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TV Plus Box freezes - need a replacement box

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I have had my TV Plus Box a long time now and in the past, when I have had problems with the box freezing, I have done a factory reset and everything has worked again. However, the freezes returned a week ago and I have now reset the box three times - each time it works OK for a while and then it freezes return. As I have been a TalkTalk customer for many years and have had this TV Plus Box since it was first released, would it be possible for me to be sent a replacement box?


Many thanks in anticipation that an OCE can arrange this.



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I posted this on Sunday and have not had any response : as I explained in the original post I have had to do a factory reset three times in a week because the box kept freezing : I think each time it happened when I tried to change channel and discovered that the box had frozen. If an OCE could look at my account you will see that I have had this TV Plus Box for many years and I assume it's come to the end of its life. In the past a factory reset would solve problems like this for  many months - sadly not this time!