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TV Starter Boosts

First Timer

I have just completed several days of protracted negotiation with TalkTalk to renew my contract. I have been a customer of the company for over 11 years and never experienced so much procrastination on behalf of a company!  Firstly, I tried the online advisers and wasted an hour without getting any semblance of a new deal, I then tried the phone and had rather more success.

However, I have been told that my current TV Starter Boost (£5 per month) is no longer available and I would have to "upgrade?" to TV Select Boost at £7 per month!  I really do not need or want the extra channels offered because frankly I don't have the time to watch TV that often!

However, after completing the contract I received an email stating that I could "get them back" (The original TV Starter Boosts) whenever I want.  I have tried to do this but it would seem the account has not been updated yet.

My question is are TV Starter Boosts still available?  If they are your TalkTalk adviser has misled me. Further if I can reduce my bill by doing this will it have an effect on the rest of my negotiated deal.  I am happy with the rest of the deal and really do not want to start another round of bartering with the company.  

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Hi @supeat68


Here's the advice about TV Boosts.  The TV Starter Boost is only for legacy customers and usually as part of a bundled pack of services that include TV. 


What happens when you change from a legacy contract to a Fixed Low Price Plan for your Broadband and Line Rental is that the TV Boosts are no longer part of the core contract but are an optional add-on.  You can add and remove with only the first month as a commitment.


It would be interesting to see what the email says and we'll maybe be able to clarify what it's saying.  If you wish to copy the text and post it here that would be good but don't include any personally identifiable details.


Please ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your name, address, current TalkTalk landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and save changes. The TalkTalk Community Team OCE will then be able to link to your TalkTalk service account and provide additional clarification from Monday onwards.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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First Timer

Good afternoon Gondola

Thank you for your prompt reply.

It raises a question as to what is the definition of a "Legacy Customer"?  My interpretation of the word is that it is some sort of inheritance or bequest. So as a customer of some 11 years standing mean I am entitled to some sort of reward for my loyalty to TalkTalk?

You asked me to attach the text of the email which I shall attempt to do here.


I am unable to add any more text following my cut and paste so thank you in anticipation. 



Your new and improved package

You've now got


Faster Fibre with TV - £23.50 a month.


A new 18 month contract applies.


TV Select Boost - £7.00 

Your discounts applied


£10.00 Discount for 18 Months - Faster


Half Price UK Calls Boost Discount for 18 Months


£50 Setup Fee Welcome Credit

You've removed


TV Starter Boost


Unlimited UK Calls Boost - £2.50 Discount for 24 Months

One-off charges


Wi-fi Hub - £0.00


Set-up Fee - £60.00

Account Number



Thanks for getting in touch. Great news. We've made all the changes you asked for. Everything's in the table above, to keep things clear and simple for you.

If you have an engineer booked, we'll confirm when they're coming within 24 hours. Don't worry if the time doesn't suit you. We can always re-arrange.

You are now on a new 18-month contract. Have a look at your full terms and conditions here.

Enjoy your updated package


Your TalkTalk team


All the important stuff


About your broadband


Faster Fibre

Get ready for Faster Fibre Broadband. This is unlimited so you'll be able to download as much as you like.


About your TV


You've finished your TV Starter Boost

You've cancelled your TV Starter Boost. Now you won't be able to get 6 of the Sky entertainment channels. Don't worry, you can change your mind and get them back whenever you want.

We've added your new TV Select Boost

You now have 14 of the nation's favourite channels showing the most popular shows so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. There's something for everyone so you won't be disappointed.


About your calls


Your TalkTalk Landline benefits

With TalkTalk you get free calls to other TalkTalk landlines (up to 180 minutes). So you can natter away to your heart's content. You get lots more too.


About your equipment





Your new TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is on its way to you

Packed with smart tech, our Wi-Fi Hub offers our fastest, strongest and most reliable Wi-Fi connection ever. Meaning you can enjoy Wi-Fi in more corners of your home. It should be with you in a few days.


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Hi supeat68


A legacy customer is a customer on a legacy plan that's no longer available to new customers.  The legacy customers have to pay line rental in addition to the broadband and phone plan.


New customers will be on either a Fast Broadband or Faster Fibre Fixed Price Plan that includes line rental and remains fixed in price for the term of the contract, in your case 18 months.


The Loyalty Team have given you an 18 month discount of £10 taken off the normal price of £33.50 for Faster Fibre and line rental and Half price on the UK Anytime Calls Boost. I see you've also got a £50 Welcome Credit to offset the setup fee and a free Wi-Fi Hub router of retail value £120.


Because you've upgraded to a Fixed Price Plan (FPP) you'll see that the TV Starter Boost has been removed.  FPP customers cannot take the TV Starter Boost only the Entertainment Boost or the TV Select Boost. The Loyalty Team have given you the TV Select Boost.  If you don't want to keep that then as you only have a one month commitment on any Boost you can remove it any time after the first 30 days via this link


The bit that says "You've cancelled your TV Starter Boost. Now you won't be able to get 6 of the Sky entertainment channels. Don't worry, you can change your mind and get them back whenever you want." It's a standard phrase for these emails to do with removing and re-adding TV Boosts month by month. 


In your case the 6 Sky entertainment channels are included in the TV Select Boost (and they're in the Entertainment Boost), along with more channels, so you are still getting those 6 Sky channels.  Just be aware that you'll not be able to get the TV Starter Boost on its own. But if you cancelled the TV Select Boost with its 6 Sky channels then you can get them back whenever you want.


If you think you've been mis-sold because of that standard phrase in the confirmation email then have another chat to the Loyalty Team.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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