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TalkTalk Remote

First Timer

Invited to join this community.  Been on "Chat" about the remote volume controls not working despite changing the batteries.  All other buttons ok.  Suggested a replacement remote but met a brick wall and "expensive".  I would have returned the old remote.

Community Star

Hi Ken,


Your post has missed being escalated to the OCE for some reason. Are you still having problems?

Are you talking about controlling the volume on the box or have you set it to control your TV volume?

Have you been referred to this page for help and reset your remote and then paired again if the TV? A reset may help in any event.

If it's your box volume, do you have the output set to surround sound in settings? if so then the volume is fixed and cannot be changed.

Hope this helps but if not then please post back and I will escalate further for you.



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