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TalkTalk TV 2.0 Next Gen Trials

Community Team

Hey Everybody,


In case you haven't heard, our Trials Team are running a trial of the Next Gen software for the Youview TV box.


The new software looks great, gives a new clean layout and is really easy to use.


Check out our TV Trials 2.0 Section for more info :)


Also, check out Rob's Blog for an update on how our product team have been working to bring you an even better TV experience, and a sneak peek at what's to come :)




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Conversation Starter
I applied last week for the trial. Any word on when it begins?

If I were you I would try and avoid getting the update to the tv operating system.  It's far worse than the existing or older version especially for viewing recordings.


For example if you watch the Come dine with me series it's possible over a few days to have recorded 50 episodes of this series.


When you wish to watch a set of five episodes which makes up one show you have to spend lots of time looking for the right episode by scolling backwards and forwards.


Then when you have watched an episode you are put right back to the main heading and you have to scroll through 50 episodes again to find the one that you have watched so you can delete it.


Then you are put back to the main heading again and you have to scroll back through 49 episodes to find the next one to watch.  It's so laborious.


In the "old" version when you have watched an episode it stays with that one and you are able to delete it and the next episode is then highlited for you to choose and watch.


Whoever has written the software has never tested it.


There should be some choice about keeping the old tried and trusted version instead of the disappointing newer "Upgrade"

Wise Owl

Are there any plans to introduce a new box as the current one simply isn't up to the job. Try running iPlayer on one of the streaming sticks that are available and compare it to the experience you get on a TalkTalk TV box.

Team Player

Quite agree the talktalk box is basically a poorly designed laggy box you definitely would buy out of choice!

Popular Poster

As part of the trial, we have been using the next gen TV system. 

We have so far not received any repsonses to the issues reported via the SCOUT system and things are still causing issues. Is there anyway to find out if any progress has been made on these issues? 

The most recent is the YouView box "hanging" after coming out of watching a recored program. The box refuses to respond to the remote. Initially we switched it all off and restarted but have now found that if you wait a few minutes it will respond again. It is as if the box is busy doing something before it gets rounf to reponding (like a busy PC does).

This is very annoying but seaching the community seems to be a known issue. Surely this should have been fixed in the new software?


I would be grateful for a response as it is happening more regularly and spoiling the TV experience.



TalkTalk Products Team
Hi Alan,

If you PM me your landline number or trials reference, I can look into why you have not received any response from the trials team on the issues you've raised. We are currently working with YouView to find a fix for these issues. We will let trialists know once we have a new software version available for them to trial.

Thanks, Holly
Team Player

I don't think that I am an official trialist but I did receive a You View software update a few weeks ago.  I say "update" because I don't consider it an "upgrade."  I far prefer the old software.  Since the update, the YouView box response to remote control key presses is slower. It sometimes requires several presses of the button to get any response at all - just as though the remote has become faulty or has a near flat battery - neither is the case.  I don't find the thumbnail pictures on the "My VIew" screens at all helpful - I much prefer the listings.  Most of all I am really annoyed that when using the EPG there is no longer a small screen showing the ongoing current programme.  Can the update be reversed please?

Enlightened One

OCE_Karl wrote:



Also, check out Rob's Blog for an update on how our product team have been working to bring you an even better TV experience, and a sneak peek at what's to come :)




Any chance of an update in Rob's Blog? 

Team Player

Hey Karl,


I signed up for this trial back in November but never heard back (I did chase by email, but no response). My box is the DN372T, any ideas if I will be added to the trial or if finished when the new update will be pushed to my box?


Many thanks,



Wizz Kid

I'm not a triallist, but judging by the comments here, I do not want the upgrade.


1. I want the small TV picture top right whilst looking for programs.

2. The box is already sluggish, I don't want it slowed down further by this update.

3. The recorded programs section is important. Thumbnails are of no use. You should not have to scroll through multiple recordings each time you delete something.

4. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Enlightened One

  We have lost a very useful  feature.  Previously when you pressed information you had settings  Record and record it HD.  But the one I miss the most is,  other episodes  available.  Please can we have that feature back.   As a visually impaired person I found that  feature very very useful . 



I'm no expert, i'm just a guy!
Super Duper Contributor

I too have been getting a problem that after watching a programme for a while, I find that the TV box does not respond to the remote.  The only buttons that work are the volume buttons and the power button.  The only way to get back to normal is to do a reboot via power off at the back of the box, then power on followed by button on the front left.

I have been a TT customer for over five years and never had this problem until I became a trialist for V2 software.  I have just had the problem twice in three days.

Wizz Kid

I've been told I am now getting the upgrade. Can anyone confirm that the following issues have been resolved.


1. I want the small TV picture top right whilst looking for programs.

2. The box is already sluggish, I don't want it slowed down further by this update.

3. The recorded programs section is important. Thumbnails are of no use. You should not have to scroll through multiple recordings each time you delete something.

Community Star

1. No


2. Updates should not slow down your box, it may be worth doing a soft reset after the software has been installed.


3. There is an improvement in the back journey on recordings as posted elsewhere.

First Timer

My box updated last night. Now there is no "discover" function.  I.e. I can't select a category such as films, documentary etc and scroll through what is available. It is now impossible to find a programme unless you know exactly what you want to watch and what it is called.  Unless I am missing something? 

Community Star

The Discover function along with some others is still to be implemented for NextGen, but I am surprised that you have only just received (i.e. lost) this on your box as it was implemented several months ago. As a temporary workaround the feature is still available via the apps.


I was updated this useless bit of software 2 days ago and so far I have the following issues which were not present on the old software :


1. I have several recordings set which have promptly failed each and every time. This is a pain in the neck when you are trying to record a programme while you are at work.


2. When I get home from work on an evening I cant switch the box on with the remote, i have to unplug the power to the tv box and plug it back, I can then then use the remote to switch it on. I am going to leave it switched on all day tomorrow to see if it records the TV programme.


3. It is slower to boot up than before, I have a windows XP test machine at work that boots up faster than the youview box which is ridiculous. 


Has there been any proper testing done before this has been pushed out and have you actually tried to fix any of the issues that users have reported on the forum, because looking at the forum it doesn't look like you have. As an IT Programmer myself I know what testing should be done before releaseing software to users and this feels like no proper testing was done.


Rant Over (for NOW)





Super Duper Contributor

Hi James


The new software has been tested by a group of trial users including myself since January to ensure that errors were reported and hopefully fixed before the update was sent to everybody.

Your problem with recording failures is very likely due to changing programme times made by the programme suppliers due to unexpected happenings in the country.


I have had an occasional problem where the box suddenly does not respond to the hand control during use, and have reported it to the trials team, who are aware of the problem, and are trying to cure it.




Hi merivaman


The failed recordings have nothing to do with the change of the programme times as they have not changed,  it is due to the fact that when you try to record something the box crashes whether that is by timer recording or when you press the record button.It is not a hardware fault as someone keeps trying to blame hardware, if it was i would have been having issues before the update.


This has only happened since the update at the begining of this week and it was perfectly fine on the old software, in fact i have to say in the time i have had the TT box it has never crashed up until the software update. Whether it has been out since January for testing or not there are obvious bugs still in the software that have not been rectified.