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TalkTalk TV Customers face £48.00 a year starting from February 2019

Enlightened One

TalkTalk TV customers will be hit by a £48 a year charge from February - but you can avoid the fee by cancelling and switching to Freeview.


At the moment, TalkTalk's TV service is free to its broadband customers. TalkTalk are introducing a new charge of  £48 a year ( £4.00 a month) charge to use the multi-room service, (TalkTalk TV on two screens in separate rooms at the same time).


If you don't want to pay the fee, you can leave at any time after you start paying, with a month's notice.


You'll be able to access Freeview via your TalkTalk TV box once you stop the £4.00 monthly fee.


If customers decide to keep TalkTalk TV after 1 February and pay £4 a month, they'll be given a £5 TalkTalk TV voucher, which can be used to rent films on the service.


If customers want an additional box for multi-room, there's a £50 fee – (£25 fee for the box plus a £25 installation fee).


Customers can opt-out of paying the £4/month fee by calling TalkTalk's customer service team on 150 from your TalkTalk handset, or 0345 172 0088 by the end of January.


Customers can also opt-out at any time after you start paying the monthly £4.00 charge, as you're not tied in to a fixed-term contract. Cusromers will not get the multi-room or the £5 TalkTalk voucher. You also won't be able to get add-ons such as Sky Sports.


If you do want to keep the full TalkTalk TV service, but don't want to pay the full £4/month extra, you could try haggling, especially if you're near the end of your broadband or fibre contract.


Customers who opt for multi-room are also currently charged £25 if they want an extra box, plus a £25 installation fee, so you would again want to factor this in when haggling. 


Haggling did not work for me, so I am leaving TalkTalk this week!!

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