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Talktalk set top box giving pixalation and poor picture quality

Wizz Kid

Thanks, Karl. SD Freeview reception on my Sony TV is entirely unaffected, even with the aerial connection passing through the YouView box. That's why I'm inclined to think that the issue lies with the 372T's software.

Community Team



Live Chat to our TV colleagues and they can look at possible replacing the box.




Wizz Kid

Thanks, Karl. Before doing that I've tried a factory reset to sort any software issues. I'll let you know if the problem recurs.

Community Team



Ok, please let me know if this happens again after the reset.




First Timer

I'm having the same problem.  My old box was ok until it started jumping, sticking and just being unreliable, but all channels were watchable.  I had a new box fitted and the engineer who was in a hurry noted the bad reception and blamed my signal.  He rushed off without attempting to make it watchable.  Now the box works fine, records ok and catch up ok.  However, only the HD channels are watchable.  If I want to watch a programme on a non-hd channel I have to watch it via catch up or on my laptop, which is annoying and takes a lot of planning.  The signal is fine, other TV with only Humax recording box is OK.   I've been in touch with Youview agent, Freeview agent, TalkTalk tech and went through hours of diagnostics, eventually to be told an engineer would visit, but their site was down so I'd be phoned back the next day to arrange an appointment.  Nothing happened so I just spent an hour live chat asking for an appointment, only to be told I'd have to start again and someone would phone in 48 hours.  I think they realise they've got a problem with the box and are deliberately making it difficult to get anything done about it.  It's a shame, because I was quite happy with the service up until now. 

Wizz Kid

Try resetting the box. It worked for me.

Wizz Kid

Check if you have anything nearby that might cause the box issues - i have a d3d cinema box next to it and when its switched on the youview completely goes wild losing all picture and reception.


Its due to the poor tuner shielding and design in the youview boxes - check any electronics forum they will tell you same.


The box doesnt work well as do all youviews with aerial with a poor signal strength and sometimes having too strong a signal can also be an issue for which an attenuator will need fitted.


But yes the update has definitely caused the signal to degrade significantly - i would never expect this with a firmware upgrade but there you go never say never.


I demonstrated it to the talktalk engineer who came out and didnt believe it but plugged in a DN370T with the old firmware and then one with the new firmware and he concurred completely.

He also plugged in a new DN372T and noted the tv could get all channels through its own freeview aerial connection but not the Youview box and also not when daisy chained out of the youview box rf output.


It is what it is and nothing you can do about it until talktalk get new boxes on the go as virgin and sky can now record 6 channels at once compared to 2 with youview.


The new firmware is awful how it could be released is beyond me.

You cannot modify your set recordings or even see the list we had before of what they are.

Many older settings options have been deprecated.

It would be nice to have a tivol functionality to record "new only" shows as well as "older shows".

The box is past its sell by date really but you have to balance that with the really rather excellent price of the whole Talktalk package compared to Virgin or Sky.

My brother pays £21.50 for broadband , telephone and tv plus with talktalk.

I pay £43 for virgins basic package and my Tivo box on the basic plan doesnt even have half of the channels of the Talktalk dn372t box but it can record 3 channels at once and watrch one and its remote programming is also a winner!