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Talktalk tv charge


Hi, I received my bill this morning to find a £4 charge for talktalk tv. I do not use this service as I have my own digibox. Previously I had received an email asking me to reconnect the box as they had noticed it was disconnected, which I did, and this was the result. I tried to phone to cancel this but could not get the correct department. I then used the chat line and this charge, as far as I am aware,   was duly cancelled. I was also informed that the £4 could not be refunded but no explanation as to why not. Now after all the years I have been with Talktalk the time has come for us to the parting of the ways. If they can arbitrarily impose charges willynilly what else are they going to impose. Unfortunately I have just renewed my contract but never again. Eight loyal years for nothing. An outright disregard for their loyal customers. A very disappointed customer.

Community Team



I can see my colleagues have remove any TV charge from the account for you.


As the TV charge did not come into effect on your account until 17th (Yesterday), then no refund is required to be made to the account.  If the Charge had been active for a number of days before this was removed then a part credit would have been added to your account.