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Tv pixalating

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Have had to get a tv engineer to attend due to the continuing problem, he states there is a problem with the Youview box he has checked the youview box with a gadget shows signal going into the box is 73DB, tuner shows 65% strength, on the RF loop no signal coming through at all. He has put a splitter on it which goes from the aerial into TV not via youview box. Also minor point on the youview box unable to see the blue light when on standby. Youview box Huawei DN372T unable to remember when we had it fitted. 

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RF loop is called Antenna Out and is found in My Settings under Picture and Sound. Turn this on and the signal will loop.


Personally I prefer to split my signal as your engineer has done.


You view tuners do show a lower signal strength than TV's, so it is probably not faulty. 


Do a retune with the aerial disconnected and then reconnect and retune. Hopefully this will cure any issues you have.


Some signals are very low on output to you and you may be in one of these low signal areas or picking up a reflected signal.


Check your transmitter and the stations you should be getting here.

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