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Uhd TalkTalk tv box

Enlightened One

Is Talk Talk ever going to release a 4K/UHDTV box? 
Amazon Prime and Netflix Stream in these formats but, the old style TV boxes from Talk Talk don’t support these formats unlike BT new boxes. come on slowcoaches catch up?



I'm no expert, i'm just a guy!
Community Star

It would be nice, but as TalkTalk seem to be scaling back their TV ambitions it also seems unlikely.


There are of course many other devices available which do support 4K.

Enlightened One

Personally I’m waiting for sky to release their long waiting IPTV service in the uk. 

I know there is  now TV but, sky was meant to launch sky television Requiring no satellite dish last year. 

because TalkTalk TV service is being run down like their mobile service was, then they got rid of it.. That is  the way I think their  TV service is going,  they are going to run it slowly down then close it  By then I will have city fibre to my door,  and I will be able to go to any broadband service I want to., The only reason I’m saying with Talk Talk is cost and their TV service. There is no Wayne I’m going with BT or Plusnet (a Bt Company ) their equipment is rubbish. 

as soon as Sky releases their sky without a dish I’m quitting Talk Talk. Unless laid-back their ideas up and do something about the TV service to make it better than the rivals. 

during lockdown we will appreciated the TV service and catch up services and Talk Talk does have some flaws. 


I'm no expert, i'm just a guy!