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Vague new £4 per month TV charge introduced

First Timer

I noticed a new £4 charge added to my account this month. Having received no advanced warning I emailed the chief executive's office to query the charge (Past experience has taught me how inconsistent & poor the service is from the online/phone chat service so I no longer bother down this route) I received a call from a staff member who didn't really convince me that the additional charge was for anything tangible for those customers who only receive the basic TV service (which I understood was already included as part of my existing package) & don't want Boosts etc. It seems that for many people you can opt out of this charge without affecting the service you get which suggests that a lot of customers who do not query the charge will be paying for something they do not need or use.

What annoys me is the fact that:

- I was not notified of the proposed charges (I control 2 Talktalk accounts with 2 different emails & neither was notified)

- Companies like Talktalk feel it's acceptable to use an "opt out" approach to selling products instead of a much more ethical "opt in" system.


Community Star

Have you arranged to opt out now?

First Timer

Hi. Yes I asked to be opted out. I'm just waiting for a reply to a further email double checking that my cancellation of the service does not constitute a change that ties me into a new contract. Companies such as Talktalk, Virgin Media etc. tend to try & manoeuvre customers into making changes that renegotiate & extend their contracts without actually advising them of the fact.