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Warranty TV box

First Timer



I joined TT in June last year and have the TV Select boost for £7 a month. Thought it was a bit rubbish so never really used it. When I got the email about the £4 I told your online chat to cancel the TV. TBH thought better of TT, but I did think I was is a triple play contract, which if I understand correctly now I am not.


However I thought Ill have a look at what im missing and the box wont get past "waking up", i have tried the three different resets however none get me past "waking up" once reset.


Can the box be replaced under warranty without me paying anything for TT TV as a sub, as its only 8 months old?


Im a bit concerned as just bought a Huawei phone, they are obviously building rubbish.



Team Player

Huawei make more than half the kit used to connect the OpenReach broadband service. Including the street cabinets and the exchange equipment.


They made a cheap box to Talktalks specifications, cheap!


No idea what their phones are like but they are hugely successful in the telecoms market.

Community Team