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We have lost all the TV channels broadcast on Multiplex Com5 - ARQA - Arqiva A - inc. SkyArts


Since SkyArts moved to freeview, channel 11, we have lost reception, and after a retune we no longer have any of the channels broadcast by Multiplex COM5 - ARQA - Arqiva A, which also include Dave, Pick, Challenge and the Smithsonian Channel. Has anyone else had this issue, and found a reason/way of solving the problem? Many thanks.


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Do you get the channels using the TV tuner, with the aerial plugged directly into the TV?


If you have not used the tv for a while try retuning so that you have the channels in the correct places.


If the TV does not display these after a retune then you have an issue with the aerial, and will need to consult a local installer. 


You may wish to leave a couple of days and retune again as you may be experiencing issues due to weather conditions.


If the TV is ok, then with the aerial not connected to the box, do a retune which will result in 0 channels, but will clear the memory.

Then check the aerial setup. The best way is to put the aerial directly into the box, and use a lead from the box output to the TV ensuring Antenna Out is turned on in settings, picture and sound. Then perform a retune with the aerial in again.


If you still have issues, you are in the staff's queue for a response, so please let us know.

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