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Where are all the Films in the TalkTalk TV Store?

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A while ago you updated the TalkTalk TV Store.

It only list 30 films in each category?

There is no search function?

How is anybody supposed to access a film other than the limited selection displayed.

I know the films are in the TalkTalk Store but it is impossible to access on the TV Box.

For example; the film Get Out is available to buy for £9.95 from the TalkTalk Store.

There is no way to access it from the TV Box, even using the search function from the YouView

button only shows it available on subscription from Sky.

But if you go to the TalkTalk TV website it is available from the TallTalk Store for £9.95.

What is going on? Why is there no search function? Why can't hundreds of films be accessed from the TV box?




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Hi Keith


We all await the search function to be implemented on the categories on the TalkTalk TV Box.


It's even more frustrating when you do the Search from the remote and it comes up with "Get Out" as an example... but it's shown as available as 'Subscription' on the Sky subscription Boost but not shown as available 'To Buy'.


I simply use the website, search using the magnifying glass icon top right and make a selection there. "Get Out" comes up in that search. The purchase goes through and the purchased content appears on the TalkTalkTV apps and on the TV Box under MyStuff > Rented & Owned. 


Not impossible to access on the TV Box but in some instances, like this, needing to use the app to select and make a purchase...until a full search function is implemented.

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TalkTalk Products Team

Hello Keith,


You've made several good points there and I'll try to address each in turn:


No Native Search in the More TV App

Due to unforeseen issues with search prior to launch, we had to remove it from the app while we worked on fixing the problems.Though I'm not able to share specific dates, I can confirm that Native Search is one of two top priorities currently being worked on and will be available very soon. Our intended workaround for customers was the YouView search function which brings us onto your next point:


'Get Out' and Some Other Films Not Appearing in YouView Search

This is an issue we were unaware of before your post and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to raise it. It doesn't affect all titles but rather a subset of our rent and own content, 'Get Out' and 'The Boss Baby' included. The team  are actively looking into it beside me and I should have an update for you soon.


Thanks again for getting in touch, I'll update this thread when we've got an update on either of the above points.



Richard Bartlett, Senior Product Manager, TalkTalk TV
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Your status as a TalkTalk Product Manager is not shown against your avatar. Please ask one of the OCE's to update this so customers are aware of an 'official' TalkTalk response. 




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