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Why can't I get the TV Plus package?

First Timer

I'm currently with Sky and receive all channels, including Sports, all in HD.


Talk Talk say over the phone that this is not possible because having checked my line the broadband speed will be between 2 and 7 MBps, too slow to offer TV Plus.


Obviously I'm not lying so would like to understand how Sky can offer me something that Talk Talk cannot if they are using the same BT line?



Community Team



Sky deliver their subscription Channels via a satellite Dish  and not over a phone line.


TalkTalk deliver internet channels over a phone line and these do require a minimum connection speed of 5mb


If you can only get an adsl speed lower than this then you would not be able to get the TV service.


If Fibre is available in the area then you could take this option and fibre would normally give speeds acceptable for the TV service.





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