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Why does YouView box become unable to play back recordings

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I have a YouView Plus box which was 60% full of recordings I hadn't watched yet. I watched a recording fine ysterday evening, but then later in the evening whenenver I tried to watch a recording the tv screen would just go black and nothing further happen. My scheduled recording had also disappeared.  A Factory Reset, keep recordings didn't help so I had to do a Factory Reset, delete recordings which seems to have fixed the problem but I have of course lost all my recordings.


Another user posted in their thread:


"I have reset my box to factory settings which has solved the problem of recording. It wasnt the outcome I wanted as I have lost all my previous recordings but realise this was the only option to me. Is this something that happens a lot to these boxes as it has happened twice to me now and I dont want to lose everything again".


The user did not get an answer to their question, but as it seems to be a common issue, does anybody at TalkTalk know why this happens and is there anything we can do to reduce the likelihood of it happening? I expect the easiest answer is to not keep a library of recordings and to reset your box regularly, but this may indicate buggy hardware or software?


Unfortunately I have had the same problem and had to do a full factory reset - losing all the recordings for a second time. So far thst seems to have sorted it though it does make me wonder whether sky boxes have the same issues.