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Wireless network connection

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I am informed it is possible to connect my TT TV box to my network wirelessly, no homeplugs thank you. I have a Linksis mesh system installed giving excellent coverage throughout my house. My Humax box is connected via Edimax wifi dongle, is this possible with the TT TV box?


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Hi Ray


The YouView specification originally set out by the BBC specified only an Ethernet cable connection for reliability.  


Basic multicast transmission requires a very reliable connection.  Unlike TCP transmission of normal Internet packets where a retransmission can be requested in the event of an error a multicast transmission of a live IPTV stream does not have the opportunity to request retransmission. Any errors have to be correctable within the wi-fi link's own error correction system.


OK so that got a bit technical. But in essence a wi-fi connection wasn't considered reliable enough for the original YouView specification.


However, people do use wi-fi adaptors and the most popular of these are nano routers that are suitable for IPTV services (important).


Nano Routers - Where Powerlines aren't suitable

Try a TP-Link TL-WR702 150Mbps or TL-WR802 300Mbps nano router.  Power can be provided by the USB socket and you just connect the Ethernet cable from the TV Box to the Nano Router.

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