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You View Box Freezing, not recording, not playing recorded shows

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Hi, I seem to be having a few issues with my you view box, On several occassions in the last month (8 times at last count) I have had to do a full power down and reboot of y box as it freezes on a channel or wont playback. After a reboot it usually works again but after the last couple i have been unable to record or playback any of the programs i have recorded. It has also frozen twice in two days. What is the best fix for this?





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Hi @jwaugh77


Try one of the MMR's should solve it as follows. Option 2 below means that you won't lose your recordings.


If you have no recordings that you want to keep then a FACTORY RESET from the YV menu. Blue YV Button > Settings > Factory reset. this will also format your hard drive and all recordings will be lost.


If you have recordings that you want to keep then :


Turn the box off, then unplug power lead for a couple of minutes.

Re plug in power .

  1. Ensure the YouView Box is switched off and is currently connected to the router (the YouView Box will require an internet connection).
  2. Power on YouView using button at the back of the YouView Box.
  3. Start YouView using the power button on the YouView Box front panel and then quickly press and hold both the + and – buttons on the front panel. If you haven’t pressed the buttons together by the time 'YouView Waking Up' is displayed, or you see the 'YouView please wait...' message then try again.
  4. Let go of the + and – buttons once the 'Huawei – Maintenance Mode menu' is displayed.
  5. The + and – buttons on the front panel will navigate the menu. Keep pressing the – button until 2 “factory reset keep recordings” option is highlighted. If you go past the option, simply press the + button to navigate back to the option.
  6. Press the power button on the YouView Box front panel to select the option. This will bring up some information and ask 'Do you want to proceed?'. Press the power button again to confirm.
  7. The YouView Box will now show a progress bar as it downloads software from the internet and installs on the YouView Box. This may take several minutes. Once complete, the YouView Box will restart.
  8. Once the YouView Box restarts, the YouView Box will show the initial setup wizard. You will need to run through the setup wizard including tuning the channels.

You will then need to reset your personal settings (such as parental controls / RF loop through / Surround Sound etc.) and also reset your scheduled recordings (might be worth taking a note of future recordings before doing this so you don’t miss any).

It is also a good idea to restart your router once you have done this.

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