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You View Remote Operating Problems

Problem Solver



I recently upgraded to TT Plus TV and have installed my You View STB today. I am finding it difficult to use the remote to operate the box. :smileymad:


I find that in order to get a response I need to be no more than 4ft from the box and at an angle of between  0 - 45 degrees. This so frustrating  :smileyfrustrated: as my chair is more than 4ft away so to change channel/adjust the volume I have to keep getting up to a position where the remote will work. :smileymad:


Is there anyway the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to allow the box to be operated from what I would perseve as an acceptable distance and angle. By the way of testing I used the TV remote at a distance of over 10ft with no problems. 


Has anyone else encountered a similar problem.


Many thanks







If its any comfort to you, I'm having exactly the same problem!  I've put the "old" TT Box back and no problems with the remote.


I hope someone will come up with a solution - soon!

Problem Solver

Up....down......up.....down, I thought this was the day of modern technology. Glad I'm not the only one suffering with this problem, come on there must be more.  Perhaps TT might suggest  getting up to change channels/volume or wiring the remote to the TV,,,,,,, takes me back to when I was a child.  :smileyfrustrated:

Problem Solver


I know we are coming up to Christmas but can an OCE please get back to me. The problem with my remote is so annoying, the family are all ganging up on me to boot.  :smileysad:  I did try to resolve through the chat line but got disconnected whilst trying to resolve, no surprise there. The suggestions put forward by the representative didn't seem to work anyway.


Look forward to a speedy response.




I also got so fed up with the YouView+ Box that reluctantly I called TalkTalk.  Having previously phoned them with other problems, I new what to expect!  So I took a deep breath and related the problem without allowing any interruption from the "TalkTalk Customer Services Representative" and managed to get my point across. 


The upshot of it all is that a "Engineer" (I use the term loosely) will be visiting me on Thursday to replace the box!


It appears that the Huawei DN370T box is known to have problems and so it has been upgraded to a DN372T. I knew this from trawling through the messages from other users on the Community Forum.


Interestingly, you can buy a YouView box from John Lewis/Currys/etc for about £150 which will work with any of the YouView suppliers - BT/TalkTalk/etc.


My only concern now is am I going to loose the programmes I have recorded when they change the box over - we will see on Thursday - can't wait - not!



Problem Solver

Hi Timbob,


Very interesting update.


Be intersested to see if the different box DN372T operates as you would expect. Would think you will loose the recorded programs you have on the DN370T, so you better get watching, all those cracking Christmas programs.


Hope all turns out as you would expect.


Please post update following box change/engineers visit. 




Goldfish :smileyindifferent:

Popular Poster
Try putting a piece of paper on top of your box, overhanging slightly...

Just try it!

Do u have a plasma tv by any chance? ;-)
Community Star
Problem Solver

Evening All,


I have a Sharp LCD tv, I'll give the piece of paper trick ago or give David Blane a call and see how it goes.


Thanks for the feedback, thus far.






I booked a visit from a BrightSparks Engineer to swap out my DN370T box on 29 Dec.  He phoned yesterday to say could he come earlier than my scheduled 3-6 time slot - I said no stick to the scheduled time.  


Guess what - he never even turned up dispite me texting him to say he could come at 3pm as I was home at 10 to 3.


Good service hey?!


Think I'll go back to Sky!!

Problem Solver


Not the service you would expect or should accept from Talk Talk  :smileymad:.  Hope they re-book, keep to the scheduled time and resolve the problem to re-gain some credibility. :smileyvery-happy:


Keep us posted.

Problem Solver

Hi Timbob,


Any news on your You View Box swap out.


Cheers :mantongue:

Problem Solver

After contacting Talk Talk via the Live Chat Service and trying the resolve the problem a number of ways, following their instruction;


  • Rebooted the STB
  • Software Update
  • Place a piece of paper over the front of the STB, (what a joke) :smileylol:
  • Reposition STB away from TV in case of interference
  • Remove TV remote control from the same room as the STB
  • New Remote Control

After trying all the above to no avail Talk Talk arranged for a Brightsparks Engineer to call and investigate the problem. The Brightsparks Engineer arrived today as booked, experienced the problem and replaced the STB, model DN370 for a DN372 model and hey presto working absolutely perfectly from any seat in the lounge. 


This has taken sometime to resolve, so 6/10 for Talk Talk, you're getting better. Keep up the good work. :smileylol:


Happy Customer :smileyvery-happy:


Hi Goldfish


Sorry for not being in touch.


I reluctanly phoned TT again on 19th Jan having returned from a week away from home.  I spoke to 4 different people (only one of wich I could understand) and spent 40 - yes FORTY - minutes on the phone. They did not offer any solution to the problem and didn't even offer to send a Dimsparks engineer out - perhaps because the last one didn't turn up and they had the nerve to charge me £30 for a missed appointment!  I did however manage to get this refunded.


I have clamed down a bit more now and may take up the challange of getting the problem resolved by suggesting they send me a DN372 for me to install and if successful then send the DN370 back in their returns envelope.


Worth a try?

Problem Solver
Timbob go for it. My new box works a treat, think I'm in heaven. Long may it continue. It even works from the down stairs loo😷

Hi Goldfish - wish I knew what your real name was !!


Thanks for your encouragement.  I am planning to compose a tome to send to TT via the post - it may be the only way they will acknowledge my problem - and it's less painful than phoning them up!!


Getting all the relevant dates, emails, etc. together with a view to sending the document (could be 20 pages!) on Monday.


I'll keep you posted!





Problem Solver



Suggest you give the Live Chat Line a go if you can suffer getting through the initial mundane questions like:-

  • Are batteries correctly inserted
  • Has the remote been damaged in anyway
  • When you press the + and - buttons on the box does it respond
  • Can you turn the box off by the button on the back, wait 10 secs and turn back on
  • Can you move the box away from the TV
  • What model box have you got
  • Place a piece of paper over the sensor (my favourite fix........not!)
  • We'll send you another remote to see if this helps (it didn't so had another one for my collection)

The list goes on but, with perseverance you should get there.


Words of waring, I did use the Live Chat Line 3 times because of disconnection faults but I did persevere and like to think I succeeded whereas other may have given up. :smileyhappy:


Best of luck, would be interested on how you get on.


Brian (don't tell anyone)


First Timer

 Over the last week my to has been saying cannot connect to wifi and I can't access my you view, also the Ethernet and to light are not lie on my router

tried calling TalkTalk but spent 30mins answering the same questions, very frustrating especially if you are not technically minded, which I'not.

can anyone offer suggestions please or do I have to contact TalkTalk again.