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YouView box keeps losing internet connection

First Timer

My youveiw box won’t connect to the broadband box therefore not playing any apps or channels the WiFi will connect but however doesn’t actually load anything we have tried everything and nothing’s working please help I’ve only had it for 5 days and it’s already broken 

Community Team - TT Staff



Can you please add your home phone number to your Community Profile so I can locate your details.


If unsure of your number, simply dial 17070 from your land line phone and this will confirm the number for you.


Please reply when this has been updated.





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Hi Karl I have the same problem. Can't log in to the router address either.
Sweet Moses
Community Star

Hi @RichBassett001


Could you please start your own thread for support as each problem is individual and needs investigating separately. Could you please also ensure that your community profile includes your PHONE NUMBER as OCE's will need this to tie up your screen name to your account. (click on your avatar to view the information, Settings, Personal information, then scroll to the bottom of page and click save)

If this has helped and solved your problem, please mark it as Best Answer so that OCE's or others do not spend time looking for alternatives.