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Youview Box TV Signal Quality

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Good Morning,


For the last week or more I have had terrible TV Signal Quality from my Youview Box to the point where it is unwatchable. I have tried restarting my YouView Box, unplugging aerial cables, turning router on and off. 


None of this has helped improve the quality and it is increasingly frustrating not being able to watch live TV.


Any help / advice would be appreciated!

Nick Thompson
Community Star

What's the picture like on your TV using the TV's tuner? If that also has issues then it could be an aerial issue, and you will need to get an aerial engineer in to check your installation.


Also the weather may be causing issues in some areas.


Try tuning the box without the aerial connected. You will get 0 channels but this will clear any residual memory in the box. Then retune with the aerial in.


the aerial should really be plugged into the box first with the loop going to the TV. If you're is TV first, try swapping them around.


if this does not help and the signal on the TV's tuner at is significantly better please post back

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