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Youview Box has gremlins


I've started to have trouble with my old trusty youview box that I got when I first subscribed approx around 2013.


The box has started to play up over the last few months - at first the box started distorting the colour - it would be like it had a dim filter over the top of the picture and quite often there would be no picture at all but there would be sound, I would have to cut the power and then put the power back on for it to then give me pictures.

Also on the majority of the apps and players, including recorded shows I will end up with no sound and have to pause/resume/fiddle with cables/turn it off and then on just to then get sound.

Also recently the box hasn't been turning on via the remote even though it's got new batteries, I'm having to press the button at the back on and off and then press the on button on the front of the box or cut power completely via the plug just to get it to turn on and recognise the remote.

Also when using some of the apps/tv boosts/players/on demand catch up shows- the box will freeze and have to be turned off and on at the mains again - this might be a combination of the issues i'm suffering with my broadband and the box starting to croak.


As I've been with talk talk for a large amount of time, and just recently recontracted, how would getting the box looked at/replaced work?


Many thanks for any advice/assistance

Community Star

Hi @Ktannjones


Best to wait until the Super Router arrives and then get the Broadband service checked out and the box checked. Come back here when the router is installed.


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 Gondola - Community support team

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Hi Ktannjones


As Gondola says, test with the new router, maybe consider a Youview Maintenance Reset and if still having issues, let me know and I'll look into this for you.