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Youview box freezing on waking up screen

First Timer

I am having good a recurring problem with my Youview box and I can't' seem to get passed the 'waking up' screen. I've tried turning it off and on. I've unplugged it and plugged it back in again. I followed the online help but it still just freezes at the same point. It started last week and so I have had it unplugged for a week and tried it again today but the 1st time I got to start watching a recording but then it just went to a blank screen and the problem started again. 

Thanks guys & girls 


Russell Wilkinson
Community Star

I've escalated for you.


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First Timer

Thanks to Fr8ys for helping but I've arranged for a engineer to come out on tuesday

Russell Wilkinson
Community Team



No Problem 🙂


I would have just ordered a box, but the engineer can swap this out and set everything up for you tomorrow.