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Youview box losing connection to router

Wizz Kid

Hi, over the last week or so I have had to turn the router off and on again in order to connect to the Youview box.  Then all works fine until the next time it happens a day or two later.  The box is connected to the router by a wire. When it loses connection, the TV light on the router is not lit.  At the same time, the internet is working fine and other devices are connecting without a problem.  


I have noticed that another forum member also has this problem.  I tried resetting the router with a pin but nothing seemed to happen.


I'd be grateful for some help please.

Wizz Kid

This morning all the lights on the router were lit except for the TV light - braodband and internet lights solid, wireless and ethernet flashing - but there was no connection to the internet wirelessly or by ethernet and I had to restart the router again. So is this a router problem?

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