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hidden channels


I have hidden a number of channels over time using my Youview box. I can see an option to "restore hidden channels", but I don't want to restore ALL of them en masse. Is it possible to view the list of hidden channels so that I can maybe decide to restore one or two channels individually?

Community Team



you should be able to access the guide, select the option to hide channels, enter your pin, and then select the channels to you wish to un hide.




Hi Karl. Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure that's correct. I get to the guide, choose "hide channels" option and enter my pin but the "hidden channels" are still hidden so I can't individually select ones to "un-hide". The only option is the "restore channels" button which is the red button, which restores ALL of the hidden channels. This is the problem and the reason for my message. In a future software update, this should be amended so that you can individually "un-tick" a single hidden channel.
Community Team

Hi, I'll pass on your comments.

Hugh Riddle


I am sure users often want to 'unhide' a previously hidden channel eg after accidentally hiding a channel or on learning that a channel's content has become more interesting. The Restore Channels option requires laboriously 'rehiding' many channels.


I have [ commented ] below on your reply of ‎03-09-2014 to beefman22:


"you should be able to access the guide, select the option to hide channels [actually Edit Channels]], enter your pin [ OK ], and then select the channels [ PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN CHANNELS CANNOT BE VIEWED ] you wish to un hide."


Please, has this matter progressed since your reply of ‎05-09-2014, saying you were passing the comment on?

Community Star

Unfoprtunately not, this is a feature of the YouView interface generally and not something TalkTalk control directly. There is a workaround though, as posted on the YouView Community website:

Hugh Riddle

Thanks for that link which shows a useful workaround to restore a hidden channel and a consensus on a problem that obviously troubles a lot of users. Next step has to be for the provider(s) to insist on a proper solution, no matter who has to implement it - in the spirit of 'Can Do'.  Yes?

Community Star

No question of a "yes" from me.  :smileyhappy:

Malcolm Speake
First Timer

Trouble is there is no search facility on the new softwear download.  At the moment you can't hide any channels never mind unhide an individual channel.  Just another example of talktalk incompetence I'm afraid.  

Team Player

If you use the search button on your remote, or highlight the magnifying glass icon at the top left of the banner when you push the y or youview button it opens the search facility.


I hope this if some help.