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how do i opt out

First Timer

Hi everyone,how do i opt out of tv services?As i don't have a t.v box and never have had one 

thanks x

Community Star

Hi @Roz1968 welcome to the community your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during the day in the meantime please check your check your community profile and add your landline phone number which is used to identify your account. Have you started a new contract recently.? 


The community is very busy, what took minutes can take hours. Be patient, avoid multiple posts and stay healthy, please.
Community Team



The TV Charge was introduced in February 2019.  For customers mid contract, there was an option to opt out of this for the remainder of their contract, however for new contracts starting after Feb 2019 the TV charge formed part of the contract and customers were made aware and accepted this when signing up to a contract.  


As such, the TV charge would not be removed for customers who's contracts started from March 2019.


The TV Charge encompasses all TV services including the ability to add / remove TV boosts a month at a time, access to on the go TV via the website and app and great on demand content.


If you have not been provided with a TV box, give our customer teams a call and they can help with this.