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second youview box?

Conversation Starter


Recently upgraded to the TVplus package, line speed just about 5mbps, so far that speed works most of the time, occasional "buffering" icon on the "on demand service" when wife uses her desktop.  TV connected to router via powerline adaptors on same ring main.

My question is,,,,can I get a second youview box so that I can watch catch-up tv in the bedroom rather than the tv in the lounge?.

They are on the same ring main so I assume if I got a second powerline adaptor (can you get just 1 from talk talk) and that the box in the lounge is not using on demand at the same time, it should work ok?


If the line speed is too low I assume it would work ok if I upgraded to fibre ?


Thanks for any guidance. I have tried to find the answer myself but failed miserably!







Community Star

Hi sure2watch

welcome to the community


This help article should answer your query Do you offer multi-room? 


There have been several customers reporting that they have set up 2 boxes if you search the community, but as you quite rightly say low download speed could be an issue.



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Excellent. Thanks very much.
Insightful One

as for the powerline adapters our fellow poster missed out on


if you can try your one from the youview box you already got up stairs see if the lights link up if so you can just get another and pair it up with the main one downstairs and it will work ok as i have my main powerline plug downstairs but my youview box upstairs on a different socket and have no issues with it working



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Conversation Starter

Top stuff. Thanks very much. I live in a bungalow so I think I'll try running an ethernet cable to the second box. I have ordered one which costs about £5 for25 metres and if it works ok will be a lot cheaper than the adaptors. I hadn't thought of this when I did the original but I think it worth trying out if it makes a good saving on cost.  Thanks for the info though.

Insightful One

the ethernet connection will be more reliable than powerline adapters anyway


and will always connect at the full 100mbs


so your saving yourself atleast £30 in the long run with a cable :)

Asrock 990FX Extreme 9
FX 9590 5GHZ
16GB Patriot Ram
Windows 8.1 Pro
Problem Solver

A little late to the party here :) But I have multiple Youview boxes running in my house (5 in total!). 


We use cat5 cable to all the boxes as you don't get the full 100Mbps when using powerline adapters and depending upon your internal wiring it could mean awful speeds, not to mention it's a waste of electricity - they cost about 10p per week to run (or roughly £5.20 per year), sounds minimal but every penny counts these days :D


I find for every additional box turned on after the first, I loose about 0.5 Mbps after the initial lose of around 4 to 5mbps when on boost channels and 2 to 3Mbps when on freeview channels.


The cat5 cable for all boxes cost me around £7 off ebay (each cable was 20 metres long) and a 4 port switch giving me enough ports for all the boxes cost me £8 off ebay.


(I know some of this has already been covered, but wanted to share my experience for those who may come searching in the future).


Why don't you just get these:


We've got them and they work a treat with out (current) virgin box. just connect them up and you can use the remote anywhere you've got the second sender. Might be a slight delay in response but its cheaper than a second box and won't use any more internet.

First Timer
How do you get more than one box?
Community Team



some customers have a spare box from a previous supplier, others buy these mostly from ebay, but some are on amazon.





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Cash generators. Got one £30