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sky sports boost not working

Jade Smith



I have the same issue Joanne80 had with her boost just not working, the TTG-216 error code and not being able to access boosts or anything extra. Says my account is not configured for boosts.

This is a new service for me and so far I have already had to have a new hub sent out as it only worked for a hour! 

I've done all the things OCE_Karl suggested in his advice to no avail 😞


Jade Smith

It's the TV Select Boost not SKY.... think it auto corrected

Community Team

Hi Jade,


I'm not showing any TV box registered on your account.


Are you using a TV box provided by Talktalk.


Did you run through a setup process and enter your post code etc when the box was set up ?


You can try a Youview Maintenance Reset and set the box back up and we can see if it registers.





Jade Smith

Thank you so much.. that has done the trick entirely!!!


Everything is working fine now 🙂


thank you!!!!!

Community Team

Hi Jade,


Glad it's all working again 🙂




First Timer

Hi everyone I had same issue starting Boxing Day I was supposed to have been switched to fibre broadband I got a email to say all was working but it wasn't none of the boosts would work despite me having them for a year and a half 

So several hour long calls to talk talk resulted in new wifi hub arriving 

New powerline adapters 

New talk talk tv box 

Engineer visit to house still not resolved 

In the end I went into Google and did a speed test took 30 secs to know from the result the speed was slow after another phone call to talk talk they sent out a open reach engineer who attended today to tell me I wasn't even connected up to fibre and that's why my boosts are not working 

He has now connected me and hey least I mega speed plus sky sports boost and bt sports now working so if you want to avoid any thing like what I have endured please get them to check you are connected to what you are paying for as I'm now one very happy relieved customer who finally has what I've been paying for and I await the compensation credit they have promised