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talktalk TV box no internet connection for days

Popular Poster

as title says, no internet too box for days.

in recovery mode internet works, i used it to do over internet recovery.

seconds after getting to showing content its gone restart does nothing same for hard reset etc.


its connected via an lan bridge along with tv and pc to a wifi bridge, this is linked via wi-fi to the router.

the pc and tv have no problem getthing full speed 38/10 fibre.

the talktalk tv box has been running on this setup for months with no issue.

router is HG633 on 1.22T firmware.


I have tried it direct with the router but same issue so its noy wi-fi bridge setup.



canceling boosts as i cant use them.

Community Team



I've updated the router firmware.  Factory reset the youview box from the menu option.


Set the box back up then retest.  Try some on demand players, Iplayer etc and see if that works.





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Popular Poster

thanks for quick help.

router has been rebooted and showing firmware v2.00T

-big router ui speed improvement, no more ui lag or long delays in navigating.

-new wi-fi features added, airtime fairness(2.4ghz,5ghz) & steering(5ghz)

-browsing is more responsive there was always a slight delay, now its instant on most sites.


now the TV box...

-reset done, software and factory-done

-maintainance over net firmware reload-done.


still the same after each attempt.

still no internet once in the user space.


Popular Poster

Recievied TV box replacement.(monday, after ukmail said i had it sat)


no change same fault.

tried reset of wi-fi bridge, router(hg633, v2.00T) & lan bridge. no change.

all new cables used.

direct too router, no change.

router shows green TV light when TV box has not connection fault.


all this since recent update to TV box that changed taltalkTV boost UI.

i think its software in the box or your backend.


Community Team



When the box is connected direct to the router, does any on demand content play such as Iplayer ?


When you swapped the cables over have you also used another ethernet port on the router ?





Check & Report l Our latest Blog l Set Your Preferences l Service Status l Help with your Service l Community Stars

OCE's Hours of Operation - Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm. Urgent issues outside these times, please use Live Chat

Popular Poster

I put it back direct too router this time its working ok.

cannot leave like this as the router is in the hallway.

put the box back at the TV....


put it back on the passive bridge(5way) this connects to  WI-FI bridge, this setup has been running flawless for months yet since the talktalk player recent changes it will not.

but other items on the brdge have full fibre internet access.


removed passive bridge so its tv box to wi-fi bridge. no joy still same, it connects in maintainence mode to do over net reinstall but once in user space net(all) goes dead (router tv light stays on).


used an old n150 usb/lan(from xbox) router (in repeater mode) on the the talktalk tv  box, this was linked to router over w-fi like the w-fi bridge.

it works fine, so not the hg633 router, i geuss not the tv box either.

used this gaget on my passive bridge to give all net in place of the wi-fi bridge and tv box still ok. so passive bridge is ok too.


bottom line is for some reason since that update that changed talktalk player ui, my w-fi bridge is not working with the tv box. it works fine just not with the tv box.

its has no net update feature, is still on same firm from new and settings are the same.

I flashed the wi-fi bridge with old and new firmware no change. so its eith this bridge failing somehhow or recent tv box update has mad it incompatable.


so i geuss I have to sort out a new wi-fi bridge or powerline adaptors, as this old xbox unit i tested with is too slow for all items and always had intermitent drops but it proved all above.


so i geuss its solved.


ps. old tv box  is on its way back.



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