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just been told i will have to pay £4 a month for tt tv,i dont use any streaming apps or tt app on any other device or anything else on tt tv.does this mean that tt will be charging me to watch free tv channels or recording anything i want to watch later through my youview box or if i opt out of tt tv will it mean i cannot use my youview box atall

Community Star

You can opt out and the box will work with non-TalkTalk TV services, plenty of posts explaining all this on here already.

Community Manager

Hey @micklynn,


As mentioned by Ferguson you can remove the TV charge from your account which I can help with however I'd like to check that you're not making use of any of the benefits of the TV service, you can find more information about this on our guide TalkTalk TV pricing is changing. In order to help you further, I need to check some information with you so I've sent you a PM, if you could answer the questions and confirm if you want the TV charge removed we can help you out.