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Bind IP to MAC

Team Player


I have just received the new wifi hub, but cannot see any place that will allow setting of IP addresses based on their MAC addresses (bind IP to MAC).


If it exists can someone please direct me to where this menu is ? if not who do I need to speak to to get this added. This has been an option on previous TT routers.


Trials Manager

Login to the Router’s WebUI.

Navigate to the Advanced Menu.


Click “TalkTalk Wi-FI Hub”, then the DHCP Tab. Scroll down to find the DHCP Reservation table.


Hope this helps!

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Team Player

Thank you for your reply.

I have looked in the menu that you have suggested but the only options there are:

LAN/DHCP - for setting router IP & Subnet

DHCP - for setting start and end pool addresses



I am not seeing any option for reservations.


Could it be that I am on an old firmware version? I am currently on SG4K10001400t


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Please send me your telephone number via email to and we will investigate the firmware.

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Hi @Avney88 


This is because your firmware is out of date, you need to be on V2600 for DHCP Reserved IP addresses. Try rebooting your router it may pick up the new firmware, or it will over the next day or so. If not, let me know & I will get the OCEs to do it for you.

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