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Delayed software updates

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My STB was not updating with the latest software, preventing me from being able to use the BT TV app for remote recording.

I looked for help on the youview community and was advised that being on the TV trials/feedback group may change the software release schedule. After turning off the trial/feedback group & doing a factory rest I was able to get the latest software.

As a member of the trial group, I would've thought I shouldn't be prevented from getting the standard software updates.

Is there something I'm not aware of, or could there have been a glitch with my STB?


Trials Manager


Firstly, I would need to check your involvement with trials using your land line number, unique code and email address.  Please direct message me or email with this detail.


We are not expecting any BT TV App updates in our latest roll-out.  Release of new features follows planned deployment phases; so, not all boxes are updated at the same time.


If anything you would expect that trialists will get updates ahead of the customer base.


Kind regards, Lynne

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Trials Manager

Hi again,


After further investigation, I have found out that you and a small group of TalkTalk customers had signed up to a trial directly with YouView; to this end you were placed in a Feedback Group having enrolled your box using a unique code, supplied by them.  We do have a similar trial ongoing that we manage; but it has a different purpose.


As an outcome of your feedback, YouView have now updated all boxes included in their trial group (yvurtt), so that they are aligned with our release version.  Thank you.


Since you did a factory reset you are no longer involved in that trial.  Should you wish to be involved again then contact them directly via your Centercode account; the route for support in the trial.  If instead you wanted to be involved in TalkTalk TV trials then please let me know by reply.


Once again, thanks for your feedback.







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Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much for your help. I did get an email from YouView about the update so I'm glad I reported it and potentially helped others in the same situation.

I wasn't aware there were separate TalkTalk & YouView trials, and yes, my box is no longer on the YouView trial. Please could I be added to the TalkTalk TV trials instead?

Thanks again for your help,