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Huawei Model DN360T


Anyone with experience of the new You View box?  I had an email from Talk Talk saying that  my old You View box was no longer supported and they were replacing it with the DN360T.  The old You View box had become so slow I replaced it with a new Manhattan box with twin recorder which seems to work just fine.  I decided to try the new box and it's even slower than the old one!  My old box was a twin tuner/recorder which is why I swapped it for the Manhattan so this DN360T is just a waste, but does anyone else have similar issues?

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Stella Cheesman
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I always thought the DN372T was the latest version of You View box


You are probably right, but that is what they sent me.  I don't care too much as I won't br using it anyway.

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@Xetog @Stella Cheesman  I think that the plans for the change are coming might be that t/t will not use youview boxes any more as seems the tv side has big changes


if u post in the tv side then u could find out as the support staff will be able to answer there.


as i have asked about the boost change and karl has replied with some more clear info.


as see here


Hope that help Regards Joe
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