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My d link 3782 keeps dropping connection

First Timer

Not had one day stability yet you have been tryin to resolve it since May 

had 14 eng in the house and still not sorted .? Is this the best router or are you just fobbing me off as looking at older threads the d link 3782 router is a load of crap ?


First Timer

Have you had any problems with the security of the router. I have done a wifi scan with avast anti-virus (free version) and it said said that my router is not configured properly. CVE2017 14491 was the problem it makes the router vunlerable to remote attackers. When i asked talk talk about it they said they did not know anything about it. I have done a bit of research on the subject and their is a firmware update availiable, but the router settings advise not to do anything with the firmware unless guided by a professional. Has anyone solved this issuse