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Sagecom Fast 5364 firmware trial

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Still early days but visually a big improvement and some of the features that were not there like reserved IP in DHCP are there now but still to test.


Biggest thing for me at the moment is that I am still unable to clear the 1500+ pages of errors in the logs which is not helping me identify more about the possible DNS error I have on TalkTalk.


Just spoken to a guy in technical support about the inability of contacting team even after using information in the email they sent, nobody in customer support has heard of the trial. He is going to get back to me with a better way.

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My router is detecting the wireless connection of my netbook, but not my iPad.


Can you share email address you received from talk talk to get firmware trial.




Hi, when I try to add the email address I was given for trials it is being removed as invalid. Sorry.

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@sanjeanasilva You should not share information like that here, or anywhere for that matter, the details you were sent are confidential to you.

Do you know how I can sign up for the firmware trial to be able use the router which is currently not usable.
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@robertkrzysik The firmware trial is now closed. If you have any particular issues with the hub then start your own topic.

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I am using latest trial firmware

Only thing missing is a menu to delete log files, but that due in a lalter release

Otherwise, Router throughput has improved, when streaming data

I do not have issues with Broadband dropping. Very stable speeds, and no DLM issues

Wifi is cleaner and connection speeds have increased


Up to now i have found no issues

Use mine for various tablets, Desktops and mobile phones/laptops

Also used with multi room tv.

More than happy with the firmware


Ridiculous , I can't get the latest firmware.
I've spend few hours with technical (brainless) support with no luck.
Time to leave the Talk-Talk and join Virgin.
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Thank you very much for this information. Can anyone with the new firmware tell me if can you assign a static IP to each device on the network?

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I believe that particular feature has already been slated. Any discussion of trial firmware is precluded by a NDA and participants should refrain from posting on the open forums.

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More than aware of the disclosure ruling and don't need to be reminded.

I don't discuss levels or features in software

But i will as per my mail say if something is performing better.

Otherwise the questions revolve around how is it performing or can you do this or that. Disclosure (nda), revolves around specifics on software levels and menu options that pertain to the new software, and something i do not comment on.



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OK, if you can find a way of describing any feature which is "performing better" than it was before without anything that might "pertain to the new software" then feel free. :)

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I would ask to be part of this trial but seeing as I used an offshoot of a well knwon linux distro the first week I got the hub to copy the full config without even logging in then went on to find no less than 19 holes (lan and remote)


Posted on here on my old account to say and was treated like some loony :P and told to say exactly how on a public forum. Sent myself potty trying to explain as I am not great with writing and got harassed by a well known member on and off the forum and had to delete my account :P


NDA means nothing when they dont even listen so. Most talk talk routers have been the same with bad bad software on top of decent hardware.The firmware is a month ahead of researchers at most and the time between updates and the updates do nothing makes it pretty pointless to even discuss the subject.


Ive asked and asked what exactly has been added  every time firmware is updated and just been told its bette. Keep in mind guys ive been with talk talk since 2009 and had most of the routers so its not just this router.


However the hubs backed by SWAN so your connecting to it then to internet so is a lot more secure than most ISP router. The only thing is most exploites now dont happen over the internet and happen over wifi as wifi is useless (WPA3 not even out yet and its already been reverse engineered)  and SWAN only runs between router and network so does not protect your LAN.


Just the way the internet is but you would think after the multiple breeeches talk talk have had they would listen and not just let a non talk talk employee go out his way to make out someone reporting bugs is talking nonsense.


As it stands 3 evil bugs with the hub not counting all the other problems it has and lacking everything. They should be CVE but talk talk threaten court orders anytime anythings posted over at :cve.mitre,


sorry to be negative guys just talk talk do nothing when it comes to cybersecurity and leave it upto the company that router comes from to develope. I even phoned up sagemcom and was screamed at by a french lady cause she did not speak englsih.


Just to add the linux distro I use is called Harry Linux (cause rodney linux just dont sound right and kali linux is already taken :P is 50 prefect kali 30 percent backbox and a whole lot of KDE on top. Is so so good for CTF :):)


anyways merry xmas and mind this subject with the firmware has been discussed since the  hub came out and nothing has changed and nothing will :)



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just noticed my router has had an upgraded ui firmware however 5ghz wifi no longer works and it feels more buggy than it did before :P 


I dont understand how a company so big can be so bad at doing this one thing right......


any explanation? also what is new with this new firmware? apart from it breaking more :P


oh the log is better now so.........


Hi, Im having the same issues with the new wifi hub, my old super router died and i was offered a new super router or a "superior" wifi hub that is not living up to its name, need static IP, devices not remembered and lack of control, i have been on the chat with them for ages and they seem unwilling to do anything about this?  have any of you guys got anything resolved in relation to this yet?