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Sagecom fast 5364 missing settings

First Timer

Hi I have received my new router and their are setting missing access control and WiFi timer and parent controller are missing as well so I can't turn of WiFi for different times and set up parental controls for devices and also I would like to join the router trials as well if that is possible any help much apreicheited 


Hi @galley8181 if u need help with ur new router then please post in the broadband area as this is a none full help area just for info like that.


if u have standard broadband post there if u have fibre broadband post in there.


as the staff on here do not monitor this area at all and the team that does do not help directly with things like this


If u can post in the correct area for help and state which router u have then the team and other customer will help u out.

Hope that help Regards Joe
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