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TalkTalk TV 2.0, Get involved now!

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Hi Robda

The Router was left on & box left in stand-by-I have carried out your Suggestion - Settings-Device Management-Software update-No Change,Many thanks.

Kind Regards

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I'm guessing everyone who opted in for this update have been seleceted by now? I never heard anything back *pet lip* Oh well... I'm not sure if I've missed this anywhere but any idea when it'll be rolled out to everyone? 

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hi holly i got the Dscout app email but it refused to open said not compatible plus had 2 others not sure what they are they wont open at all 

TalkTalk Products Team
Hi dixiedean,

If you're having issues installing the app, we do have an online survey that you can complete as well. The link should have been sent to you in the Dscout welcome email, but let me know if you don't have it.

Thanks, Holly
TalkTalk Products Team
Hi AndyC,

We are monitoring the trials inbox, so any feedback you send there will be picked up, but if you could also fill out the survey as it has specific questions we'd like you to answer, that would really help us.

Thanks, Holly
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can you email the and ask them to confirm please? Thanks, Rob
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Hi Robda

I have now checked again for an update & whilst i was checking,an update came through & i now have the new UI & it looks good.Many thanks

Kind Regards

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no never  got link holly was told would arrive in the wk

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@Andy3 wrote:

Hi Holly


Unfortunately the Dscout app is only available for IOS and Android. Blackberry and Windows Phone users such as myself will not be able to use this route for feedback.


I have just submitted email feedback as requested in Lynn Smiths email to me of yesterday in the paragraph "Tell us what you think" which contained an email link and stated "You’ll also be able to send us your thoughts via email at our regular trials address".


You seem to be saying that you only want feedback via Dscout and the Surveys you will push at triallists. If this is the case that's fine I'm happy to restrict my feedback to the Survey route especially if the email route is difficult for you to collate responses and as such represents a waste of my time.


Please clarify?



I too, like many others, am a Windows phone user - but very happy to submit feedback by whichever channel you provide us...

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New software works fine. Response is so much better.
New menu's i like very much. Except under recordings the fast forward is terrible. You now have to guess where to continue from. Old version gave a fast display of program been skipped. New version is an absolute waste of time. Does not display correctly during fast forward
Team Player
Agree this isn't good assume you are referring to watching a paid for/ subscription channel e.g Sky1? We were trying to give an experience similar to what you get when you fast forward a channel
Like BBC1 but it's not quite there yet. We may need to turn this off for now and make it better in a subsequent release, thanks for your feedback...
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I'm not in the trial but I've just got an email informing me Talktalk TV is changing so I assume it is 2.0 going live over the next few months. However, on trying to use the link in the email to see what's changing, my anti-virus (Avast) threw it out as a threat! And it seems to now prevent any of the links working, I just get a page saying connection has been reset.


Can you supply links to the changes on here?

Wise Owl

I have received the update, and I'm completely blown by it!  It's so much better, clearer and nicer!

Broadband Engineer
First Timer

 I registered my interest in this a week ago. I have filled in all relevant emails sent to me however I have still not had my tv box updated to the name system. Any ideas when/if this will happen as I have seen many people already have this.

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Not at all AndyC, we welcome and encourage you to feedback on whatever channel suits you best. We are only recommending Dscout as most trialists are using this right now and it just makes pulling all the feedback together slightly simpler (for us anyway :-)). Please use the trials email as we are moderating this every day too. Put simply please just let us know whenever you see something you don't like, something broken or something you love as it's really valuable to get as many insights as quickly as possible, thanks for your support Rob
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Absolute correct. The FAST FWD display issue is with all pad/subscription channels. In this case a recording from the H2 channel. During FWD your lucky if you get the odd frame displayed. Otherwise love the new channel display area. Services area is rock solid. In fact love the release from beginning to end. A job well done (apart from issue i have reported). Even the startup from snooze is now much faster and clean
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Hi what a joy it is to switch on now it starts up so quickly and most things are easy to use find it hard to remember how to delete recordings but other than that you have almost perfected it

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Hi what a joy it is to switch on now it starts up so quickly and most things are easy to use find it hard to remember how to delete recordings but other than that you have almost perfected it

Whizz Kid

Dear talktalk trials team and the OCE's
I am really struggling to understand the point in signing up to these trials.


From your original post :

"Do you want to be the first to try our next generation TV experience? ......" Yes please
"We're now ready to start trialling this with you and need your support to help get it ready for all of our TV customers ........." OK, sounds great

 "The new Trial software will be updated to your existing TV box. ......." Errr well no it won't

 "So what are you waiting for, Signup today and join the Next Generation of TalkTalk TV......" I did, and nothing happened


I've missed previous trials by being a little late to respond (or so I thought).

This time, I replied within an hour or so of the original email going out on 4th Nov.


Made no difference.


So what are your criteria for choosing testers here?

Is it down to Geographical location?

Maybe, the right combination of consonants and vowels in their userid, or maybe its down to the amusement factor of their avatar.

Prey tell.


By firing up enthusiasm, but then not setting expectations correctly it terms of who is getting the update and approximately when, all you are doing is racking customers off, which is I would hope, the oppositive of what you want..


Rant over.


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I don't understand  stagger321 there's no right to do a trial this is my first and I feel honoured if all goes ok everyone will switch so why worry