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TalkTalk TV 2.0, Get involved now!

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Community Manager

Do you want to be the first to try our next generation TV experience? After listening to our TV customers feedback we’ve been redeveloping TalkTalk TV, making it simpler and faster. We're now ready to start trialling this with you and need your support to help get it ready for all of our TV customers 


TalkTalk TV 2.0 brings together all your favourite TV under one roof, with fewer clicks to get to your favourite shows, faster launching of apps like BBC iPlayer and continued support for Smart mode the feature that saves you energy whilst reducing the turn-on time by over 50% supported by a new beautiful new design.


The Trial is open to existing TV customers. No changes will be made to your current services, subscriptions or billing.  The new Trial software will be updated to your existing TV box.


So what are you waiting for, Signup today and join the Next Generation of TalkTalk TV


Register for the trial here




First Timer



Will the trial cost? And how much will it be per month once rolled out to all users please? 


Will I need a new box? Can I go back to my old box if I don't like it? 


Thinking of taking my box out anyway because cause I just don't use the features. May as well do freeview... 


What can I expect from this new TV service? Better or worse than any of the others?? 



Conversation Starter

I have signed up in anticipation of a considerable improvement. As a long time TT TV customer (previously Tiscali TV too) I look forward to an upgrade of the firmware because, to be blunt, my current box is horrendous. It is snail-slow, intermittently stopping completely.  The programme guide is very poor by modern standards.  My children and grandchildren - with Sky and BT are amazed that I continue to put up with such a poor system.

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Our family has registered to trial and provide feedback for TalkTalk TV 2.0.


Hoping that the development now features two recordable internet streams. This would be a really valued extra for us.

 Gondola - Community contributor

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Have just signed up. Have never had any problems with the box or trails I've taken part in. TT have always been generous in making sure you are reimbursed for any extra costs incurred.
Community Team

Hi Everyone, 


I've removed some posts from this thread as they are unrelated.


For clarification, the Trial is open to existing TV customers.  No changes will be made to your current billing or services.  The new software will be updated to your existing TV box.


I've been testing the software here in the office, and this has a great new layout and is more responsive.  If you would like to be amongst the first to trial our new software, please sign up.


Can I please ask, if you have any issues with your current services, please post in the relevant support section.


Please only post here with genuine questions or feedback regarding the Trial and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.


Many Thanks



Wizz Kid

Have registered sounds v interesting, hopefully i'll get to participate

Power to the people!!!!!!!!!!!
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Registered for trial, couldn't remember box model because I'm at work. Kinda nice to hear there is a new interface. 

Team Player

Thanks. Will be good to see better performance - the current firmware is horrendously slow to get he box up and running. Until I signed up I didn't know that there was a (presumably better) Smart power mode... good to know that. I must say that my existing 372 box mangles the terrestrial TV picture when it is starting up. I think there is some sort of hardware fault on it. Would be good to get that looked at.

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If this trial is only open to Existing TT tV customers , then why have I been offered it , as I'm not a TV customer,??

Hence my question about it all .. ( that you have kindly  deleted)   :smileyfrustrated:, rather than answer? .

Chat Champion

@Blobadob Be prepared for your post to be deleted. I put something similar and my post got deleted.

This is despite me saying that I was in favour of increased performance and welcomed the chance to test.

I have registered my interest, but now maybe now I am in the "Naughty" book, for no good reason,


Community Team



No ones in the naughty book 🙂


A blanket email was sent out to many customers across the community alerting them to the Trial.  There will be some customers without TV who may not be eligible to take part, and for that I apologise.  No ones in trouble, I just want to keep this trial board clear for genuine feedback as out Trials teams will be reading through this over the coming weeks to gather feedback from our customers and act on this where required.





Wizz Kid
Umm, not a TalkTalk TV subscriber, focus Arne, focus!...Stop wasting your and customers time on non-relevant offers 🙂
Insightful One

HI Karl


I am a member and think i had a e-mail on this from the team already so if i am a member all ready does that then i do not need to re-register again


as the team sent out a e-mail about further improvments and if i wanted to take part which i replyed to them saying yes to will that be done


is that the same thing ???




Hope that help Joe R If so then give me a Kudos ( Click the Thumb up Button)
Wizz Kid

If we participate but have problems is it possible to revert the box to the existing software?

Insightful One

@calcotti wrote:

If we participate but have problems is it possible to revert the box to the existing software?



No it is not i think so as i am a user of the current group.


As per the T&C`s

"6. If a trialist wishes to withdraw from TV Trials, they can do so at any point by emailing the Trials Team ( stating their reason for the withdrawal.   An acknowledgement of their withdrawal from the Trial will be sent via email and they will be removed from all trial communications.

Their Set Top Box, TalkTalk Player or TV App software will not be rolled back to the current in-life version of software, but they will be removed from all future TV trials which will result in them receiving software updates as and  when they are released to the customer base; unless the customer expresses in writing to that they wish to participate in the trials again."


Hope that helps


The t&c`s are in the link to the join on the 3 page i think if u what to read them then here is the link from that page:

Hope that help Joe R If so then give me a Kudos ( Click the Thumb up Button)
Team Player

another customer here who was randomly picked out of a hat in this blanket email.  Dont have a set top box here, and have never had one.


Will i get a free set top box so i can take part in this 'trial'?  If not then please stop sending me "JUNK" emails, as i already get enough as it is.

I had the same, after 3 failures the box then decided to give up , so had it replaced , but keep on at them to give you a new one
Team Player

Registered for the trial which looks good. BTW I used a different email to the one that I'm registered with at TT and on the boards, as it's less likely to get lost in the noise. Hopefully this won't cause any problems? 

Conversation Starter

Registered because the system is sluggish, and recorded programs often don't play and crash the box. Iplayer is ridiculously slow and we usually give up with it. Hopefully v2.0 will be a huge improvement.