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The new TalkTalk Mail

Whizz Kid

Will the new TalkTalk Mail be trialled out?


Also, when is the new TalkTalk Mail going to be released? Any definite time scale? 

Anisa Khalifa

That has been on the cards for a long time can remember when they asked use to sign up for one on e-mail new side but have not found the last one we are all on now that good.


so do not see what the time frame is going to be as i think they are BULIDING a new one from the start .


That is what i hope.


i now use more gmail than talktalk but gmail picks ujp talktalk mail as well

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Whizz Kid

It's just that I seen this link:


Thought I'd ask when we can expect the upgrade. It says we will be sent several emails about the time line of the upgrade. Just wondering when we can expect to receive these emails.


Thanks though. 

Anisa Khalifa