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Trial router survey email


Hi all, 


Just received an email inviting me to complete a survey for a chance to join a new router trial.

It's from


Any views on whether this is genuine?

I'd love to join one but never trust emails from talk talk and never click the links. But not be able to find another way to see this through the website......

Thanks for your help

First Timer

I have received the same email and not sure if it is genuine, receive so many scams.

First Timer

I’ve had the same email. Am interested to see if it is genuine as I need a new router, mine is slowly dying 

First Timer

I’ve just had this email too. Always up for helping to improve consumer products but unsure if its genuine. Anyone know? 

First Timer

Just signed up for it, seems genuine enough and anyway, what I had to fill in no one would be able to garner much from it, if anything.

First Timer

just had email too, only time will tell if genuine.

if they come back asking for any personal details it scam .

talktalk should already have info .

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I've just received the same mail and had similar concern as others, because of that didn't sign up yet but sent mail asking further info on router model and survey duration.


While typing this got an automated confirmation back from the Trials Team saying they will reply shortly.

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Wouldn't it have been better if TalkTalk had provided more information about the router in their email.  My present router is working well and I worry about replacing it with an unknown...



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It's not compulsory.

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I can confirm that the email address this came from is genuine, from experience with previous trials.

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Me too

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I also recieved the email that I was invited to the trial,  still don't know off it is a definite selection though as stated I may be selected...


Fingers crossed its better than the coal run router I currently have lol...

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I haven't had a reply back yet with regards to what model they would like us to review/test, I don't suppose you have any idea.

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@SiHancox Nope, I haven't received the email. And even if I did know I would be bound by an NDA not to discuss any details. 😉

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@ferguson Will wait and see if they come back to me then, not sure how others are with the request to help without (what I believe) sufficient details but I would at least like to know a little more about the device, after all it will be central to my home network for a period of time!


I don’t mind helping out and see the positives to both TT and there customers, but I just want to understand fully what it is I’m taking on.


Thanks anyhow for replying.

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The whole purpose of a trial is to test an unfinished product, this is bound to entail an element of risk as certain features may need to be improved. If you are not prepared to accept the possibility of some disruption to your setup then trials are not for you.

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@ferguson I understand the principle, but it’s the degree of risk which concerns me, in other words will the unit be down more times than up, or are we being asked to access the product in it’s final stages prior to release.


It’s similar to Apple and iOS beta testing feedback, there are those happy to go with beta 1 and those that wouldn’t trust the iOS until it got to beta 4 or later, I suppose I’m in the beta 4 camp, but a least when it’s categorised you have some idea of risk exposure.


Not sure I’m explaining clearly, but thanks for your time.

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You always have the back-out option when beta testing software and you always have the option to revert to other equipment when testing hardware. Entirely up to you.

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Point noted, hopefully TalkTalk Trials will reply and if they do it might make my decision a little easier.

Whizz Kid

I had the same.

My first suspicion was the short survey, so I stopped it there, good way to phish...

Second is that correspondence is usualy personal ie Hi "customer"(my name)

Third some of the links don't redirect and when copied and pasted into browser say javascript:void(0);


Treating it as very suspicious

Still saving money compared to my old (very old) BT phone and line rental and orange 2MB broadband!
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