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Trial router survey email

Wizz Kid

Still haven't had a reply back to mail sent Thursday night ref more info, this was the address used (didn't initially want to enter personal info yet and as others have said TT should have it all anyway).


But nothing back yet, just an automated confirmation saying they might get back in touch or to try Customer Services, if it stays at that I'm not sure I'm happy with that type of service so might give this a miss.

Wizz Kid

I’m sorry to say I’ve not received a reply from the Trials team with regards to my request for further info, not even a “sorry we can’t give any more info at this time”, and I take it from the lack of posts no one else has either.


So as it stands I will not be signing up, just not happy the support will be available if required, that’s just my view based on no prior trials experience, but not responding to an email has killed it for me, a pity really because I would have liked to support the company I use.

Wizz Kid

Hello - did anyone hear from TalkTalk about the router trial?  I emailed them because the survey I completed was embossed with "test mode" as if they hadn't set it up properly.  Email was sent January 3rd but no reply.

PS of course, no sooner had I responded to the survey than my wifi network started playing up - buffering iPlayer, cutouts on Google Home etc

Team Player

I replied to the new router trial and still waiting to see if I am successful 

Super Duper Contributor

Not heard anything so, guess that means I haven't been selected as the origional email says we would hear by 16/01/2019.

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Insightful One

Hi  this is a closed group from what I understand but the trails team do not check on here very often or reply to email/dscount  app


U may just have to wait and see  

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