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Need help?

Trials fault

Whizz Kid

Is there a Central location where the status of current releases is?

I have a fault and have no idea if I am alone with it.


Hi @des09 u can post int he area that is relent to the topic of issue and a oce can try and help u sort the problem on here in the help with ur service and under the topic.


u can if on a current trial fill in the survey on for it to be logged to the trials team.


u can email the trials team on their own e-mail address


depends on if u need some help on what is causing it



Hope that help Regards Joe
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Whizz Kid
And now in English please?
Community Star

Hi @des09 


I am assuming that you are on one of the currently running trials. If so you will have been sent a link with your trialist code and a reporting link, if you use that you can report your problem there.


If it is a general problem look on the relevant section on the Community pages (i.e. TV, broadband etc.) to see if anyone else is having the same problem and any potential fixes.

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Whizz Kid
Thanks for this.

Yes, I'm aware there should be a process to report issues via the trials system. But at the time of writing the original posting the process was somewhat "broken".
As I had, what I considered, a serious problem (in 1st world terms) I was seeking another way to get it resolved in case it wasn't caused by a new release.
Anyway I've resolved it and the trials reporting system has been reinvented.
Thanks anyway.