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hi all just received an email from talktalk saying Get the new Network Connector Kit for free just click on link to join clicked on link and saysThis survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance. can anyone help as I do want to take part


steve hurdus


Please e-mail the trails team 


might be they have sent it out to loads and all the places have gone???

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Hi @stevehurdus


Often TT sub contract the trials out to speciallist companies who will select people, initially on a random basis, they then find out people who fit certain criteria usually via a survey. From this survey they will then seek the criteria wanted for the trial, in this case probably the type of connection they have I.E. ASDL, Fibre, Fibre Speed Boost, The type of router that they are using, The type of equipment that they have I.E. TV client Etc. A lot of this info will already have been supplied by TT to them so that they can target say 40 customers from each category with say 10 places for each.


A lot of people will either not want to participate and complete a lot of surveys and/or tasks due to time etc. or the risks involved, or not reply. As a trialist don't forget that the equipment and/or software that you will be using has possibly only been tested so far in ideal situations by experts, so you may well have problems which may mean that you lose the use of your computer, TV, Internet, Wi-fi etc.temporarily or until a fix can be found and made.


So on this one, they had probably received enough applicants from your category.


Out of interest do you currently use PLA's for your TT box?

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