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talktalk trials

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why send emails to customers asking them to join a trial of new eqipment and when you reply you get ::

<We have been inundated with Trial sign ups! Thank you for your interest We'll be trialling something again soon Thanks Your TalkTalk Trials Team>

would it not be wiser to send emails upto amount of equipment you have to base this could be done on alphabetically order and carry on down with each subsequent trial so that everybody can have a chance to trial


steve hurdus


Somthing to take up with them and the ceo office as u have spent time that was for nothing 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Hi Joe, I hardly think that the time spent clicking on a link, to discover that all of the places have gone, for something that you wouldn't normally even have known about, warrants a formal complaint to the CEO's office !!!


For heavens sakes all trials are randomly drawn from people with a combination of factors, Fibre, Without fibre, Faster Fibre boost, which router they are using, Etc. probably 10 from each category of customer.

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Is this trial just a marketing ploy to get users to get a new router? I have been a customer since before the Tiscali days and even upgraded to fibre when it became available so why not offer those on the trial a free new router if it is better than the one they supplied some years back? Anyone any views?