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ASUS DSL-AC55U often disconnects

First Timer
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Hello all,


I have an issue with my ASUS DSL-AC55U. From 2 days it start to disconnect almost every 10 min (even less some times). I'm using the lastes firmware and had no issues with the router for more than a month.


Yesterday I have reset the router to it's default configuration using the GUI. To setup my Internet connection I have used the Setup Wizard and have selected TalkTalk - Automatic IP as before. The router connects to the Internet sucessfully but after 10 min the connection drops.


I have been on a call with the support but they weren't helpufl, becauase were unable to tell me what settings I should use (or even what are the settings on the TalkTalk router). The only think that they did was to execute some tests and request to put the TalkTalk router (that they have upgraded the firmware) and telling me that I need to use Automatic IP. I left the TalkTalk router to stay a little bit and I didn't spot any disconnect. This is telling me that it could be configuration issue.


These are my current configurations:




From the log files I can see these 2 interesting lines:


  • WAN Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.
  • WAN Connection: Detected that the WAN Connection Type was PPPoE. But the PPPoE Setting was not complete.

The Automatic IP configuration didn't ask for anything related to PPPoE. 


If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


P.S. I have checked other topics for this router but non of them was helpfull in my case.


Kind regards.