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Can a router be switched off by a password

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I’m not very tech savvy.. however was just wondering is there a way the router can be programmed to switch off at any time, or internet access to be controlled by password? Just have family that are up until 2am most nights and it’s affecting my sanity!... don’t really want to disconnect it and sleep with it under my pillow every night!



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I would say a local solution which does what you want is always better than a remote solution that doesn't.  Also as long as you change the router password to a strong password which you protect it will be difficult to bypass the restrictions, other than by using mobile data, ie using a different internet connection.

As you say it's not worth switching ISP for when there are plenty of 3rd party routers which provide the required capabilities.


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Aha - thanks for pointing out that it's implemented by DNS.


To be fair, most of the filtering for blue chip employer and large campus university intranets is done in much the same way. I think the point still stands that a locally implemented solution isn't any better; and besides, given that Plusnet's solution is locally implemented, switching your service to Plusnet just for the sake of using it would be a bad idea, since you can just as easily implement a local solution by getting separate router and firewall equipment yourself.


Indeed, why not do both? Connect a Plusnet Hub One to a TalkTalk service with Homesafe? I'm sure non-Plusnet customers can get Plusnet routers on ebay.


But the point is, each of these solutions really just amounts to a child-lock on a fridge. They'll figure out how to get round it eventually if they're curious enough.



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@weaver it is actually easier to bypass TalkTalk's Homesafe than Plusnets Hub.  Rather than swapping out the router, which wouldn't go unnoticed, you just need to change the DNS address on any device which wishes to bypass Homesafe, reasonably easy to do and difficult to detect.


The HG633 and 635 routers apparently have a hidden menu which allows you to set times when the Internet can be blocked.

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Bear in mind there's a big difference between TalkTalk's Homesafe, and Plusnet Access Control. TalkTalk's Homesafe is implemented network-side on TalkTalk's infrastructure, whereas Plusnet's Access Control is implemented at the physical Hub One that will be in your home if you're a Plusnet customer.


The practical upshot of this is that if your little tearaway saves up his pocket money and goes to Argos to get his own ADSL/VDSL modem router, and swaps out the router that your ISP provided with his own when you aren't looking, then any restrictions you've imposed through Plusnet Access Control will be completely defeated - whereas on the other hand, any restrictions you've imposed through TalkTalk Homesafe will remain in force, even with your little horror's alternative router.



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Have just researched a bit more and don't get your hopes up with "Homework Time".

It doesn't allow the time block to cross midnight (so you can't set 10pm to 6am for example) and is limited as to what it blocks. So, could you set it to start blocking at midnight I suppose. May be better than nothing, or may not.

There are quite a few posts requesting what you want, other ISPs seem to offer it:

but requests to TalkTalk have fallen on deaf ears which is a shame.

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Not exactly what you want but if you log in to My Account then My Services -> View Homesafe Settings there's a setting called "Homework Time".


That allows you to block gaming sites and social media at certain times.


It's not a complete solution but it may give you a little relief.